Welcome to Colour Notion.
We are specialists in creative colour systems for wood, wood flooring, textiles, craft & paint.
Think of wood & you think of a natural thing of beauty.
Add a notion of colour & it turns wood in to a creative piece of art.
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Nature created the graceful butterfly & with the notion of colour it becomes a thing of beauty. Key Products & Services A notion & the use of colour enhances our whole perception of life. Key Products & Services
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Welcome to Colour Notion

PSK was founded in 1999 by professionals from the colouration industry and offers today over 45 years-experience in providing ideas and creative solutions in the world of colour.

PSK has become renowned as specialists in the creative use of colour in a variety of industrial markets and to emphasis this unique position it has recently changed its trading name to PSK Marketing Ltd t/as Colour Notion.

Creating colourful ideas for textile, paint, craft and wood has become its focus with the use of speciality chemicals and compounds designed to offer industry and the consumer a broad spectrum of colour notions. With its key strategic partners it has developed special formulations for the aesthetic enhancement and performance of textiles, craft, paint and wood.

Over the last decade the company has become a leading supplier of colour for wood finishing and in the supply of wooden flooring products.

By working closely with key strategic partners it can offer the most comprehensive product portfolio.

Colour Notion today has two main divisions: colours and finishes for textiles, craft and paint as well as colours and products for wood and wooden flooring.

Key Products & Services